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Trading Account

  • Tick the box below once you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions as outlined in the following documents.

    Vantage Global Limited Risk Warning Notice
    Vantage Global Limited Client Agreement
    Vantage Global Limited Privacy Policy
    Vantage Global Limited Key Facts Summary

    • I/We agree to execute and be legally bound by the Account Terms and Conditions in relation to the financial products to be traded now or in the future
    • I/we understand that there are inherent risks in trading Margin Forex, CFD's and Binary Options
    • I/we understand the nature and risks of margined (geared) products

    Electronic identity verification

    To enable us to verify your identity, we may disclose personal information such as your name, date of birth, and address to a credit reporting agency (CRA) to obtain an assessment of whether that personal information matches information held by the CRA. The CRA may give us a report on that assessment and to do so may use personal information about you and other individuals in their files. Alternative means of verifying you are available on request. If we are unable to verify your identity using information held by a CRA we will provide you with a notice to this effect and give you the opportunity to contact the CRA to update your information held by them or verify your identity using an alternative method acceptable to us.